1. Affiliate Faculty

Affiliate Faculty

Ebony Coletu

  • Assistant Professor of African American Studies, English, and African Studies

Phone: (814) 863-2343


Area(s) of Specialization: Rhetoric of Application Forms; Funding Infrastructures, Biography, Transnational American Studies in the Middle East and Africa, African Diaspora Studies/African Studies

Jose Cossa

  • Associate Professor of Lifelong Learning and Adult Education and African Studies


Area(s) of Specialization: Comparative and International Education, Adult, online and distance education, Power dynamics in negotiation, uBuntu and Cosmo-uBuntu as (exterior to modernity) theorizing, Global justice and de-colonializing, de-bordering, de-peripherizing, and de-centering the world, African renaissance, and, International development

Alicia Decker

  • Associate Professor of Women's, Gender & Sexuality Studies and African Studies

Phone: (814) 867-3561


Area(s) of Specialization: Gender and militarism, War and political violence, Ugandan postcolonial history, African women’s history, Global feminisms

Francis Dodoo

  • Liberal Arts Professor of Sociology, Demography, and African Studies

Phone: (814) 863-2240


Area(s) of Specialization: Research capacity building in Sub-Saharan Africa; Demographic and health outcomes associated with urban poverty; Intergenerational transfer of norms governing the gendered stratification of sexuality; The male role and the intersection of gender and power on fertility decision making; and Africans and other black immigrants in the United States.

Kristina G. Douglass

  • Joyce and Doug Sherwin Early Career Professor in the Rock Ethics Institute and Assistant Professor of Anthropology and African Studies

Phone: (814) 865-2937


Area(s) of Specialization: Human-environment interaction, anthropology and archaeology of Sub-Saharan Africa and the Indian Ocean, coastal and island archaeology, ethnohistory, ethnoarchaeology, historical ecology, extinction, migration, ethnogenesis

J. Marlena Edwards

  • Assistant Professor of African American Studies and History

Phone: (814) 865-8719


Area(s) of Specialization: African diaspora, Migration and Immigration, Race and Ethnicity

Johannes Fedderke

  • Professor of International Affairs and African Studies

Phone: (814) 867-2793


Area(s) of Specialization: Determinants of economic growth, Institutions and economic growth, Deep roots of economic development, Development economics, The economics of art, Formal methods of modelling social science relationships

Larry Gorenflo


Phone: (814) 863-5337


Area(s) of Specialization: Biodiversity Conservation, Cultural Ecology, East Africa, Latin America, Southeast Asia

Ephraim Govere

  • Director, Soil Research Cluster Lab and Lecturer in African Studies

Phone: (814) 865-1143


Area(s) of Specialization: The role of professionals in developing countries, Analytical laboratory capacity building and development of novel environmental methods of analysis

Michael Jacobson

  • Professor of Forest Resources
  • Chair of Forest Ecosystem Management Program
  • Extension Specialist

Phone: (814) 865-3994


Area(s) of Specialization: Water energy food nexus, Bioenergy, Sustainable forestry, Forest economics, finance, policy and taxes, Agroforestry and non timber forest products, Gas taxation, forest certification and incentive programs, Private forestry, International forestry, Liberi

Gregory Jenkins

  • Professor of Meteorology

Phone: (814) 865-0479


Area(s) of Specialization: Atmospheric/Air chemistry, Climate, Tropical meteorology

RoseMary Jolly

  • Professor, Weiss Chair of the Humanities in Literature and Human Rights

Phone: (814) 865-1188


Area(s) of Specialization: Sub-Saharan African literatures, narratives of violence and reconciliation, the interface between the critical medical humanities and sub-Saharan African health frameworks, the integration of gender-based violence prevention and treatment into HIV/AIDS pr

Fabienne Kanor

  • Assistant Professor of French and Francophone Studies

Phone: (814) 865-1492


Area(s) of Specialization: Visual Arts and cinema, Literature, Francophone African Theater and Art performance, Race, Migration / Immigration in French West Indies and Sub-Saharan Africa, Slave-Trade and its Memories in Arts, African Diaspora, Trauma Studies

Maha Marouan

  • Associate Professor of Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies and African Studies

Phone: (814) 867-4269


Area(s) of Specialization: Comparative Literature, Literary Criticism, African Diaspora Studies, Transnational Feminism, African Feminism, Comparative Racialization, Religious Studies, Immigration Studies, African and African Diaspora Women’s Literature in English, French, Arabic, and Spanish, Religions of Africa and the African Diaspora, Islamic Africa, Race and the Trans-Saharan Slave Trade, Immigration, Race, Gender, and Belonging

Mare Sarr

  • Associate Professor of International Affairs and African Studies

Phone: (814) 867-2979


Area(s) of Specialization: Environmental and Natural Resource Economics (Climate Change and Biodiversity Conservation), Institutional Change and Development in Africa, Political Economy with a focus on resource-rich countries

Yael Warshel

  • Assistant Professor of Telecommunications and African Studies

Phone: (814) 865-3717


Area(s) of Specialization: Comparative and Global African, Middle Eastern, and Saharan Media (including Systems, Ethics, Practices, Uses, Reception, Effects and Contexts), Peace Communication and Social Change, Children and Ethnopolitical Conflict, Ethnography of Violence, Public O

Nicole Sheree Webster

  • Associate Professor of Youth and International Development
  • Director of the 2iE-Penn State Centre for Collaborative Engagement in Burkina Faso, West Africa


Area(s) of Specialization: Youth development, civic enhancement and international community development

Michael West

  • Professor of African American Studies, History, and African Studies

Phone: (814) 865-6873


Area(s) of Specialization: African American and African Diaspora History and Culture

Vivian Yenika-Agbaw

  • Professor of Education, Literature and Literacies, and African Studies

Phone: (814) 863-8921


Area(s) of Specialization: Children’s and Young Adult Literature and Literacies; West African and African Diaspora Youth texts; Power issues in Children’s and Young Adult Literature