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The minor concerns the ancient and modern histories of Africa, governance of traditional and modern institutions; environmental sustainability; language policy and planning, literary, and cultural practices; African feminisms; social justice; urbanization; health; and Africa in film across Africa and the African diasporas. In the minor, students study theories of oppression, race, color, socioeconomic status, and gender and sexuality, including their interactions, as well as the strategic ways that different types of oppression can be resisted and challenged. These areas are studied through interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary lenses that include, e.g., decoloniality and African feminisms.

Students also have an opportunity to participate in Study Abroad programs to East and West Africa to enrich the African Studies curriculum and may annually take part in the Model African Union, in Washington, DC, in which they meet and debate about Africa with students from other African Studies program. The core and affiliate faculty associated with the African Studies program have extensive experience in teaching African Studies in Africa and the United States as well as expertise in many different disciplines, including Education, Geography, Environmental Studies, Political Science, Comparative Literature, History, Parks and Recreation, and Applied Linguistics. As such, the program is transdisciplinary.  The faculty also have lived in Africa and retain strong personal and professional relationships with institutions across Africa, which substantially enrich their teaching and research.


A grade of C or better is required for all courses in the minor.

Scheduling Recommendation by Semester Standing given like (Sem: 1-2)



  • AFR 110 GS: Introduction to Contemporary Africa 
  • AFR 191 GH; Early African History
  • AFR 192 GH: Modern African History

(Sem: 1-2)

ADDITIONAL COURSES (9 credits, 6 of which must be AFR courses at the 400 level)

  • AFR 105 GN: Environments of Africa: Geology and Climate Change 
  • AFR 202 GS: Women, Gender, and Feminisms in Africa
  • AFR 209 GS
  • AFR 403
  • AFR 405
  • CMLIT 003
  • HIST 415

(Sem: 1-4)

  • AFR/PL SC 434
  • AFR 440 US;IL
  • AFR 443 IL
  • AFR/PL SC 454 IL
  • AFR/PL SC 459
  • AFR/PL SC 464
  • AFR 495
  • AFR 496
  • AFR 499 IL
  • CMLIT 422 IL
  • CMLIT 423 IL
  • ECON 413W
  • ECON 475W
  • FR 458 IL
  • GEOG 429 US;IL
  • GEOG 444
  • PL SC 481

(Sem: 5-8)

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Kristie Kalvin is the academic adviser for African Studies. If you would like to know more about the opportunities available for graduates of the African Studies majors and the curriculum, you can schedule an appointment or inquire about walk-in hours by calling her at (814) 865-5588. Click here to schedule an appointment with an adviser.

Kristie Kalvin

Academic Advisor