Student Activities

The African Studies Program has many exciting activities that students participate in, and organize on their own! Among our most anticipated activities are: the annual Kente Cloth ceremony honoring graduating seniors; the annual Model African Union held in Washington DC;  the African Student Associations “Touch of Africa” gala; and graduate student organizations conferences and speaker series. There are also links to research opportunities and career services to help you, so feel free to explore and investigate all that’s offered!

Model UN

The International Model African Union (MOAU) conference is a simulation of the proceedings of the African Union, held at Howard University in Washington, DC, every year from Thursday through Sunday during the last week of February. The conference is designed for university and college students drawn from across the nation, with each school representing one of the fifty-four African countries.

Study Abroad



The African Studies Program recognizes its graduating majors and minors at the Kente Cloth Ceremony where it celebrates their achievements with their families, friends, the faculty, and staff.