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The African Studies Program offers undergraduate students majors and minors in African Studies.  This is a multidisciplinary program designed to offer students the opportunity to develop their understanding of various aspects of the African continent, including issues that deal with Africa in World History, Africa and the Global Political Economy, Africa within the new Global International Relations, Africa and International Development, peace studies, conflict resolution, as well as courses that recognize the diversities of culture, race, ethnicity, religion and other socioeconomic groupings on the continent. The program utilizes historical, cultural, geographical, economic, and political approaches to equip students with skills to undertake research on issues pertinent to Africa and to prepare themselves for careers in a range of professions as well for post-graduate studies.


Kristie Kalvin is the academic adviser for African Studies. If you would like to know more about the opportunities available for graduates of the African Studies majors and the curriculum, you can schedule an appointment or inquire about walk-in hours by calling her at (814) 865-5588. Click here to schedule an appointment with an adviser.

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Our advising goal is to provide information and assistance to students as they navigate the complex environment of a large university like Penn State, and to provide guidance for students exploring the field of African Studies. We hope to equip the students with the skills and knowledge that will enable them to make responsible decisions on their own.