Abderrahim Ouarghidi

Abderrahim Ouarghidi

Assistant Teaching Professor of African Studies and Anthropology


Office Hours:

  • Thursdays 2-3pm or by appointment
Area(s) of Specialization: Development and Sustainability, Community-Based Natural Resources and Management, Traditional Ecological Knowledge, Agricultural and Pastoral Systems, Participatory Methods


Dr. Ouarghidi has almost two decades of experience, working both as a researcher and a development practitioner in sustainable development and conservation. Dr. Ouarghidi’s research interests include four main focal areas: Participatory approaches to research and development, and ethical interaction with Indigenous communities; Community-based conservation (including traditional management of common pool resources – Agdal pastures and water) and community-based management and governance of natural resources; Indigenous ecological knowledge and practices, and the way these contribute to sustainability and conservation; and sustainable agriculture for development. His research examines the ecological impacts of Indigenous resource and community-based conservation. All of his work revolves around his commitment to participatory methods in development and research and to valuing Indigenous knowledge. As an Indigenous researcher, Dr. Ouarghidi is committed to decolonizing his own research and practice and supporting others to do the same.